How is it, Lord, that we do not look at Thy face, when it is so near us? Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) from Enlarging the Heart

I do not know the origin of this engraving.  It came from an antique shop in France with no documentation. It appears to include the story St. Veronica and of King Agbar of Edessa, but I do not know the meaning of the other figures.  This page stood alone.
I post it here in the hope it may hold interest for researchers.

Berenice and Veronica refer apparently to the same person: 
BERENICE:  Latinized form of Βερενικη (Berenike)...which meant "to bring victory". 
VERONICA: Latin alteration of BERENICE, the spelling influenced by the ecclesiastical Latin phrase vera icon meaning "true image".

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worth a candle*
A phrase from long ago when to read past sunset meant burning a candle. 
Something had to be good to be worth a candle!